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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Forever Yours

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She stood in line for the meet and greet, she didn't want to be here, but her nephew had made her promise to save his spot while he was in the restroom. Tom and Bill were his idols, even though he'd tell you Gustav was his favorite in the band. Seth had begged her for over a week to bring him to the carnival just to meet his favorite band, but had also conned his way into getting tickets for all the rides. After spending $50 on tickets she realized there was a band that people were paying $60 for that took the place of tickets. Genius, she thought to herself. She hadn't wanted to come for more than one reason, her brother thought it was because she was worried about becoming a super fan girl about the band her nephew idolized. He'd teased her about it for an hour when she'd come to pick Seth up. Micah laughed his heart out when she'd griped about how he should take his own son to the carnival instead of making his little sister do it.
"Please, Kit, you are only worried about taking him because you are in love with the lead guitarist."
"Psh," she'd argued. "I am not, I'm older than that kid and play a far cooler guitar."
"Then why do you have posters of him still hung up at your apartment," he laughed. She playfully shoved him. "I'll be there by 5 if you have succeeded in keeping him away from them until then I'll take him to get his autographs."
She smiled, she'd almost succeeded, and Seth begged her to wait for him to get his autographs, and since she was a girl she couldn't go in the boys bathroom with him anyway, she got stuck holding his place and was getting closer to the front of the line. A man coughed behind her as she glanced back the way her nephew had disappeared with her brother, turning she saw that it was indeed her turn.
"Who do you want it made out to," the bassist rumbled.
"Seth," she smiled at the perplexed look on her face. She continued to glance around looking for Seth and Micah. She smiled at Georg before moving over to Gustav. Georg said something in German to Gustav and he laughed heartily glancing at the girl now standing in front of him. Gustav was scrawling something across the poster when Micah returned with Seth.
"Aunt Kit, you were supposed to stall them so I could talk to all of them," Seth whined.
"ooh, no, I'm sorry, I must've forgotten,"Kit laughed. Micah looked at the two of them like they'd lost their mind.
"Looks like you got this covered, lil sis, I'm going to get some food, want anything?"
"Seriously, Micah you're a butt head," she said glancing at the little boy in front of her,"I'll take a coke, thanks."
"OOH, you called daddy a butt head, does that mean he sits on his face when he is sitting down,"Seth asked. Kit laughed so hard tears were pouring out of her eyes.
"No, sweety, that's not what that means, it means your daddy is being mean to your Tia."
"Ooh, Hi Georg,"Seth yelled waving at the brunette boy sitting at the far end of the table waving like his arm was about to fall off. Georg laughed and returned Seth's enthusiastic wave, before turning back to the hoard of girls in front of him. Gustav was looking back and forth between Seth and Kit like they were crazy. "Hi Gustav, you're the coolest member of the band."
"What means danke," Seth asked looking at me.
"You mean what does danke mean, goof, I think it means thank you in German,"she replied.
"Oh, well you don't need to danke me I should danke you for being so awesome,"Seth beamed. Kit laughed. She hadn't expected this meet and greet to be fun, Seth made everything that way though it seemed. She couldn't help but smile when she was around him. They moved on to the next in line, it was Tom. Seth shoved his poster on the table standing on his tip toes to look at the lead guitarist. He glanced back at Kit rolled his eyes and shook his head.
"What was that about,"Kit asked him bending over to talk next to the boys ear.
"He checked you out and you liiike him,"Seth grinned. Kit blushed a little and tickled Seth.
"You're a brat,"she scolded him knowing that Tom and Bill had probably just heard what the little boy had said. Standing back up she scooped Seth up onto her hip so he wouldn't have to stand on his tip toes any longer. She spotted Micah standing a few feet away laughing at her. She rolled her eyes at him. Tom smiled at Kit.
"Do you have anything you want signed,"he asked her. The security team watching everyone like a hawk. Kit shook her head.
"No, but thank you." Bill laughed, it wasn't often that Tom got turned down. They moved on to Bill who signed the poster and asked them to stick around for the photos afterwards. Kit nodded as Seth began to dance around like a lunatic who had just won the jackpot. Kit laughed and motioned for her brother to come take control of his offspring.
"But you were doing such a good job,"Micah laughed.
"Shove it, you, he's your kid,"Kit laughed. Tom was watching the pair closely. Micah shoved her softly making her Pepsi slosh down her shirt.
"Oops," he laughed. She kicked him in the shin and laughed hard at the pained expression on his face. He flipped her the bird before easily lifting Seth to his shoulders.
"Tia, that was not nice, what Daddy did was funny,"Seth scolded her. Kit laughed.
"Who have you been hanging around kiddo?"
"Just Mommy."
"That explains a lot," she said under her breath. Micah snorted. Bill was now paying attention to the pair, noting their similarities as most people noticed with him and Tom. He didn't think they were twins but they were definitely related, he noted how Tom was watching the girl, clenching his fists every time the guy touched her. Tom wasn't one to get jealous, especially not for a girl that he hadn't been with before. The little boy seemed especially fond of the girl, she seemed nice. A little quiet for Bill's taste though.
Kit was looking around the carnival, she'd gotten a bad feeling in the last few moments, whenever she got that feeling something bad usually happened. Micah watched how nervous his sister had become and also glanced around the park. He spotted a man in a baseball cap with long curly hair. It looked like he hadn't showered in weeks. He moved closer to Kit instinctively.

The signing was almost over with, Seth had made them stay for the pictures, since they had already told Bill they would. He'd insisted you couldn't stand up a rock star such as Bill Kaulitz. Micah had told Kit about the man he'd seen. She'd gotten goosebumps and actually shivered. Micah always knew that was a bad sign. Soon Bill had turned to them ready to take his picture with the girl that had captured his brother's attention so easily. Only to find he was taking a picture with a little boy instead. Seth squealed in delight when Bill and Tom supported him between them to take the picture. His arms were over their shoulders as his legs were wrapped around Bill's waist. He smiled widely for the camera and when the picture was over he jumped around excitedly. Kit realized they were the last one's there for the pictures and figured the boys would be going on stage soon for the mini concert that they were hosting for the carnival. Kit was watching the man that Micah had pointed out when she realized that someone was talking to her. Seth was doing his happy dance that he not only got signatures but also a picture with the band. Kit looked away from where she'd been spacing out.
"Did you want a picture with the band as well," Bill was asking a big smile on his face.
"Yes, she does," Micah piped up with a big smile on his face shoving her forward. She shot him a nervous glance and walked over to get her picture taken with the band. She stood nervously between Bill and Tom.
"I hate you," she whispered towards Micah.
"Lighten up, Kit," he laughed. Tom immediately wrapped an arm around her waist. Bill stood in front of her a big smile on his face.
"You can put an arm around each of us, I'll have on around your shoulder, there's no reason to be nervous," he laughed. She smiled at him and wrapped an arm around Tom, she felt him take a step closer to her, Bill stepped to the side putting an arm over her shoulders, she put her other arm around his waist and he too stepped closer. The other two boys were watching them all closely they stepped up on either side of Bill and Tom and everyone smiled. The photographer smiled.
"You are very photogenic," he replied glancing at Kit. She glanced at the photo and smiled. Tom's eyes were not on the photographer though, he had been looking at her. The photographer handed her the photo and the boys insisted on signing it. Seth skirted around her legs sliding under the table his hands over his ears, a sure sign there was trouble. Kit looked up and around for her brother. Micah had his hands over a wound on his side. He was bleeding.
"Micah," she yelled running for him.
"Kit, no stay back, he's coming for you." His words stopped her dead in her tracks and she looked around the park.
"You guys get down," she yelled shoving Tom and Bill towards the table taking a bullet in the arm. The security guards were on high alert immediately trying to get the boys out of danger. "Take Seth with you please."
"What are you talking about you're coming too," Tom said grabbing her arm.
"I can't he's got my brother," she said looking him in the eyes. He dropped her arm and looked to where Micah had been standing. There was a man standing there watching the two of them.
"I can't leave you here," he whispered. Bill grabbed Tom.
"You don't have a choice," she said pulling a knife from her boot and a lighter from her pocket. Tobe and Saki's eyes never left her as the eight of them crouched behind a table, Seth scooted up to her.
"Don't let them hurt my Daddy," he cried.
"I promise you, baby, your daddy is coming home to you all right, I need you to be strong right now and go with these guys, they will keep you safe. I have to go get your Dad." She burned the knife glancing down at her arm. She was bleeding badly. She pushed the knife down into the wound finding the bullet easily and digging it out. She wiped the blade on her pants leg and then ran the lighter down the blade again. She placed it against the wound instantly cauterizing it.
They all looked at her like she was crazy except for Seth.
"Tia, doesn't like doctors," he whispered to Bill, who nodded. Tom looked sick, he'd never seen anyone get shot before, let alone act like it wasn't anything to be bothered about. He grabbed her hand. She must have a hard life, if that doesn't bother her, he thought to himself. His hand absently ran patterns on her hand. Saki and Tobi wanted to get the boys back to the bus where they would be better protected. Kit thought that would be a grand idea, he has Micah, I can't go, she thought to herself. Saki and Tobi were looking for a route to the bus.
"Do they understand English," Kit asked. Bill nodded. "You guys can make a run for it, I can draw their fire."
"No," Saki said.
"It's the only way."
"I agree with Saki, we can't let you do that,"Bill stated firmly his eyes locking on Tom's. Kit shook her head. A scream pierced the air draining all color from Kit's face.
"No, not her," Seth whispered.
"I'll get them back," Kit looked at Seth her fingers pulling his chin up so he was looking into her eyes, "I promise."
"You're not going," Tom said. "Not alone."
"You aren't going with her, Tom," Tobi said placing a hand on Tom. Tom shrugged him off.
"Fine, you guys stay here and I'll be right back," she argued. She stood slowly her knees popping as she stood up.
"I love you Tia, promise you'll come back, too,"Seth said quietly.
"I promise," she said kissing him on the top of his head. She raced from behind the tables before they had a chance to stop her. She slid easily out of sight watching for any sign of her brother and Seth's little sister Caroline. She stepped out into the light with her hands in the air. Almost instantly the bullets streamed through the air. She ran towards the roller coaster. Spotting her brother chained to the tracks. The roller coaster had started moving. Shit, she cursed herself for allowing this to happen, she should've made them leave, it didn't have anything to do with them. But Angel would stop at nothing until he could get her back in his grasp. She got to Micah quickly, pulling the gag off of him.
"You shouldn't have come for me," he whispered.
"I'll always come for you," she smiled. She pulled the knife back out of her boot easily cutting away the roped that held him to the tracks.
"Where's Seth," he asked glancing around.
"Easy, he's with Tokio Hotel and their security." Micah nodded knowing they would keep him safe. The rest of the park was in a shelter by now, routine if shots are fired in the park. Micah glanced around the park again. Kit shivered pushing him a step back and leaning backwards. The knife grazed her stomach.
"Son of a bitch, how do you do that," Micah asked.
"Intuition, big brother. You taught me it honestly," she said turning around. She spotted him easily. She stepped forward Micah walking in step with her. But Angel hadn't come alone, he'd brought back up. They were surrounded in a second. Back to back Kit looked around for Caroline.
"I don't have her, your best friend does," Angel laughed.
"If he touches her I'll kill you both," she seethed.
"You'll die before he does anything, besides I was hoping to see your boyfriend here tonight," he laughed. She looked at him confused, she didn't have a boyfriend, he must've noticed the twins and thought that she was with one of them, hell he probably thought she was with both of them. She shook her head. She'd already taken note of the fact that he was talking loudly and kept leaning back towards the table where the boys were all hidden.
"You are a moron. You know I don't have a boyfriend."
"Where's my daughter," Micah's voiced boomed in comparison to Angel's dark sinister one. Micah had no need to talk loudly, his voice just carried. Kit looked at him over her shoulder, she was not happy about this situation at all. Angel said something in French and all of the men began to move forward.
"Well, big brother, at least we get to get into more trouble together before you run off and move away with your perverted wife," she laughed. Micah laughed a little, too. His wife had accused him of sleeping with his little sister one night because they spent too much time together. The siblings shared a laugh over that one from time to time. No one understood their bond, not even their friends, they knew all of each other's secrets and told each other everything. The men surrounding them moved in even closer. They attacked at the same time, their skills weren't nearly as advanced as Micah and Kit's though.

Bill, Tom, Georg, Gustav, Saki, and Tobi all watched over the edge of the table in amazement in the pair of fighters. In a matter of minutes they had taken out almost all of the guy with the gun's men.
"He doesn't like her being around other men very much," Seth said.
"Who," Bill asked him.
"Angel, the guy with the gun, she used to date him because Grampa made her, then he disappeared and Grampa died, so she didn't have to follow his rules anymore. But he won't leave her alone he comes back randomly to mess with her, he's not a very nice guy either," Seth said shaking.
"She's been through a lot," Bill said placing a hand on Seth's shoulder.
"She doesn't let it get to her except for at night. She screams in her sleep, I try to help her, but it does no good. She is the best Tia in the world and no matter what she keeps her promises, but she doesn't like to go to sleep, sometimes she even refuses to go to sleep, she'll work out all night." Seth pouted. Gustav and Georg glanced at each other. She'd seemed nervous about being at the Carnival at all she had always looked around like she was checking no one was following her. Bill looked at Tom staring over the table, he was holding onto the table so tightly his knuckles were white. Bill placed a hand gingerly on his shoulder.
"Tomi," he whispered. Seth snuggled up to them both and Tom glanced down at him shortly before looking at Bill. This woman intrigued him, but after watching her fight she also scared him.

Once the last man was down Micah and Kit again stood back to back glancing around the park for more of Angel's men. Once they were sure there were none they stood side by side. Angel walked forward with Charlie and Caroline. Charlie had a gun to Caroline's head and she was sobbing almost uncontrollably. Charlie didn't like crying kids, he'd rather shoot them.
"Let her go," Kit said.
"You have me, let the girl go."
"Ah, but you see I happen to know there is a man here that you would do anything to keep safe." Kit looked at Micah instantly stepping in front of him. "It's not him, love."
"I don't know what you're talking about." A couple of thuds drew Micah and Kit's attention as two men tossed down Tobi and Saki. Tokio Hotel and Seth were being brought over to where they were standing. Kit immediately looked Seth in the eyes. He smiled and kicked the man next to him in the shin running over and standing behind Kit and Micah.
"I wouldn't hurt your nephew yet, don't you know how this game works, Kit, you used to play it so well." She shuddered at the memory.
"I am too old for games."
"One is never too old for games," he said putting a gun first to Gustav's head. Kit didn't flinch, the same with Georg. She flinched slightly clenching her fists when the gun was pointed at Bill. But then it was pointed at Tom and she took an involuntary step forward.
"Stop this nonsense," she said her fists clenched so hard her knuckles were white. Micah put a hand on her shoulder drawing her back beside him. Angel was always good at getting her mad enough to do whatever it was he was trying to get her to do. Micah knew she had a thing for Tom, he'd known it from the first concert of theirs he had taken her too though before she'd never admit it. When she finally did admit it she had said she was over it, it was the fact that he was an amazing musician that had drawn her in, but he knew it was more than that. He could tell by the way she looked at his picture or smiled when he talked. She also appreciated his relationship with his brother, it was a lot like their own. He smiled at her, knowing that she'd finally accepted she was in love with him, though he didn't think she'd say it out loud or ever admit it to anyone else.
"So this is your boyfriend," he chuckled. She flushed mainly because while she really liked the guy, she couldn't believe that her ex was accusing her of being with him and lying about it.
"So what if I am,"Tom countered. She took a step back, a small smile playing on her lips, she hurriedly removed any traces of it. Even Bill and the others looked taken back by what he had said.
"I don't lie about who I date."
"Unless they ask you to," Angel countered.
"She could tell the world she was my girl and I wouldn't care,"Tom said looking into Kit's eyes. She nodded playing along.
"It would have hit the papers by now if you wanted the world to know," Angel sneered.
"Or he is good at keeping his private life, private," Kit countered. Angel backhanded her sending her sprawling. Even in all the years she'd known him, he was good at covering what he was about to do. She picked herself up off the floor looking at him oddly, before laughing.
"What's so funny bitch," Angel sneered. Tom's hands clenched into fists, Kit put a hand up to him telling him to wait.
"You still hit like a girl," she said knowing if he got angry enough he'd become careless and she'd be able to gauge his next movement. He struck her again.
"How's that for hitting like a girl," he growled.
"If it was a man's hit I'd be bleeding by now."
Georg and Gustav looked at each other. If they changed now, the twins may never forgive them. But it looked like this lady really needed help. Gustav shrugged his shirt up and over his head, he didn't much care if his jeans ripped, but he loved that shirt. The guys with the guns next to them looked disturbed that they were randomly taking their clothes off. Georg shrugged out of his shirt as well and Bill looked at them oddly. Him and Tom already knew what they were, Georg and Gustav just didn't know it. Bill and Tom had been born vampires, they could smell the difference in the shifters before they had even met, this was part of why they had wanted to become a band with them. They knew that the others would be less likely to freak out when they found out. Bill figured they must be changing and worked on keeping his face straight. Tom grinned sideways at Bill when he saw what the bassist and drummer had done. Kit and Micah were more occupied with keeping Caroline and Seth safe.
Caroline was crying much to hard to get her to follow Seth's steps. Seth ran to her instead holding onto her for dear life. They scooted back to the popcorn stand their father had gotten snacks out of just earlier. Slipping inside uncaught and unseen. Seth held Caroline to his chest telling her everything was going to be just fine.
Angel had taken to beating the crap out of Kit, but she seemed unharmed in the least with what he was doing in fact she kept laughing at him taunting him to do his worst. Finally, he'd started kicking her, breaking her ribs and dislocating her shoulder by doing so. Grabbing her by her wrist he yanked her up off of the ground.
"Looks like something's wrong with your arm, love," he said twisting it. A loud pop sounded and Kit smiled.
"Not anymore," she said elbowing him in the face. She kicked him in the gut and turned to walk towards Micah, her ribs couldn't handle anymore, she could already taste blood in her mouth. She spat just as Angel had tried to grab her, he barely missed. Georg and Gustav were no longer Georg and Gustav but two beautiful wolves and were shredding their way through the men pointing guns at them. Bill was holding a hand over his mouth, Kit didn't seem to put the pieces together, Micah did, though. He smiled, leave it to his sister, to fall in love with one of them. She ran towards Micah right as Tom made his move for Angel.

To Micah it only seemed fair that Angel fight one of his own kind. He had been most surprised that Kit had not been turned in the two years that they had been together. Angel had been spiking her drinks with his blood in hopes that she would eventually have enough of it in her system and would be prone to change. That hadn't happened though. However, her body hadn't rejected the blood either, her 'intuition' proved that much.
"Prove she's yours," Angel said spitting blood everywhere as he spoke. Kit looked at Micah confused, what did Angel expect them to do have sex in the middle of an amusement park? Tom dropped him his fangs retracting, he wiped the blood from his lips with the back of his hand.
"Fine," he said walking back to Kit, pulling her to him. At first his back was to Angel.
"No, so I can see or it doesn't prove a thing."
"Kiss me," he whispered to Kit pulling her against him. She nodded. Tom bent his head down to capture her lips with his. Turning them both so that Angel could see how she'd completely surrendered herself to him. Her hands lay flat against his chest as he sweetly kissed her. His hands began to tangle themselves in her hair as his tongue licked her lips. She opened her mouth to allow his exploration gently sucking on his tongue as she did so. He moaned and she gripped his shirt tighter as their kiss deepened. Tom knew if he didn't step back he would lose control. Micah watched in silence a smile on his face. He knew that Tom would keep her safe while he was gone, he no longer had to worry about his little sister. Angel, however, was not satisfied with the kiss.
"That doesn't prove anything, you're a damn rock star you could kiss any woman like that. Prove she is yours, there is no mark proving such a thing from you."
"Nor is there one from you," Tom snarled.
"She isn't truly yours," Angel decided reaching for Kit. Kit clung to Tom for support her eyes wide. She grabbed a handful of his dreads and he flicked his lip ring seductively at her. She smiled when she saw how his eyes changed, it finally clicked, he's a vampire. She giggled. No wonder Angel was so pissed off. No other vampire would dare look at her if he was in the same room. Gustav and Georg sat on their haunches on either side of Bill, Bill's fangs had long since protruded and he'd moved his hand. Shifters and vamps getting along, who would have ever thought. She clutched his dreads tighter pulling him to her all the while staring directly into his eyes.
"I'm yours, Tom, I'll never be his, I'll be forever yours," she said her eyes never leaving his. She moved her head slightly beckoning him as only she seemed able to do. He moved closer to her, smelling her. His gums ached he wanted to bite her so badly, but he restrained himself. He would not unless she asked.
"You're mine," he asked her questioningly.
"You see, she was not his, he lied."
"You assumed that was your fault."
"You came to her aid, almost immediately as she had for yours."
"Your point?"
"That makes it seem as though she had been marked."
"She had, just not physically," Micah interjected.
"What do you mean," Tom and Angel asked instantly.
"I mean she has always been Tom's. Even before she met him. She used to watch their concerts over and over every video, she'd laugh or smile every time she heard his voice not anyone else's just his, if he looked sad in a video or photo shoot she would be sad for days. She thought she could hide it, and she could from everyone else. Just not from me."
"What do you mean not from you," Bill asked.
"We tell each other everything, almost, and I could see it in her face, she was so much happier watching Tom videos than trying to go out with other guys. I think Angel, here, is the only guy she's ever eriously went out with and that was only because our father made her, she was never yours though Angel, she never truly would be, she'll only truly love someone once. No one will ever compare to Tom for her, no one will ever be a match she'll only be happy loving Tom, even if he won't have her, she'll always be his."
"What are you to her," Bill asked.
"Her brother, older brother," Micah smiled as Kit rolled her eyes.
"My insane older brother," she said blushing. She almost stepped away from Tom, but he stepped even closer to her pulling her back against him, he'd never wanted anyone the way he wanted her, he wasn't interested in just sleeping with her. He wanted to know her, to care for her, he never wanted to see her frown, or cry and it would break his heart if he ever had to endure such a thing. He held her hands in his.
"We are destined to be linked to one person forever, she found hers on accident really," Micah laughed. Angel made a grab for Kit, he was going to run for it. Micah stepped forward and Tom handed Kit easily off to him before tearing out Angel's throat. He made sure so severe the spinal chord from the back of the head as beheading is about the only sure way to kill a vampire. Tom stood his shirt covered in blood and Kit raced to him.
"You'll be forever mine," he asked questioningly. Bill smiled maybe his brother had changed afterall. Then again, as far as Bill was concerned Tom loved sex way too much.
"You won't have to worry about that Bill,"Micah said walking up beside him as his children raced from the popcorn stand into his arms.
"Why do you say that," he asked.
"Tia likes girls as much as she likes boys," Seth laughed. Caroline, Bill, and Micah all laughed.
"Forever yours," she whispered back locking their lips together once again.