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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coven (my first fan fic ever)

She didn't understand what the big deal was, or why she had to come to the bar, but Kat and Lexi would not stop blowing her phone up until she came. She got dressed and threw on some make up quickly. She had chosen her purple corset top with black jeans and matching purple and black flats her makeup was smokey around her eyes just the way she liked it with a little gloss thrown on her lips. She had to admit she looked good. She grabbed a jacket and id and some cash and was out the door. Her phone rang just as she got to the front doors of the bar.

"Hello," she shouted over the music coming from inside.

"Where are you," Lexi shouted back.

"I'm out front geez calm down."
"Well you are never gonna believe how many hot guys are here tonight," Lexi giggled. Mercedez hung up the phone. Going through the front doors the bouncer just smiled at her. She was the owner, though no one knew that except for Lexi and and Kat and the bar's staff, of course. Upon walking in she strode up to the bar, the bartender immediately stepped over to her ignoring the other patrons that were clearly there before her she smiled knowing everyone thought he was just trying to score. He poured 3 shots and handed them to her without her even telling him what she wanted. Mercedez just grinned, he always knew what she wanted without being told. She glanced around, Lexi had not been lying, there was a lot of very hot guys here tonight. One stuck out to her, his cornrows were black, and seemed longer than most men's ever did, he seemed to have a tan, but Mercedez could tell that was just a natural look for him, he was in blue jeans and a black long sleeve shirt. He had three people with him but only one of them had a girl with them. They were all pretty cute, one was taller than the one that had caught her attention, he had black hair that was up in a mohawk, black liner caressed his eyes which were an amber brown, his right eyebrow was pierced and he was pretty skinny and was dressed in rather similar clothes to what she'd wear, as in form fitting jeans, and a tshirt with cool designs on it. The other two looked as though they worked out often, one was wearing glasses, with a baseball cap on his head, his hair looked blonde, but she couldn't be sure, he was wearing glasses, a band tee, and blue jeans and the others was in the same type of outfit minus the ball cap, his long brown hair hung to his shoulders. They all had their backs to her, except for the boy with the mohawk. She found herself wishing that she was able to see all of their faces. She noticed the boy with the mohawk's eyes were on her and she gave him a small smile before turning her attention back to the barkeep.

"Like what you see so far tonight," the bartender Cody asked grinning.

"Oh Cody, you know I only have eyes for you,but seriously wow" she winked at him taking her shots and looked towards the boys again before going to find Kat and Lexi. Lexi was standing on the table waving at her as she approached, great they were right next to those guys, well, maybe now she could get a better look at them all. She slid past all of them her butt brushing against the boy with the cornrows he glanced back at her as she said sorry. She handed the girls their shots. Kat took her's and Mercedez and set them on the table.

"YAY!" Kat jumped on her.

"What the hell," Mercedez laughed.

"Shot time," Lexi shouted. They clinked their glasses and downed them. Lexi winked at the boys next to them. A waitress walked by grabbing Mercedez's butt as she did, Merceded glanced at her.

"Hey," she shouted and the waitress turned around. "There are no freebies miss, you owe me a shot." Mercedez winked at her and the waitress disappeared. The girls all laughed when the waitress returned with four shots on a tray.

"Bottoms up," the waitress (Rachel) replied. The downed their shots, Kat and Lexi gagged while Mercedez fanned her throat.

"Rachel, baby, you know I love you and all but are you trying to kill me?" The waitress laughed.
"You don't have anything for me to put behind the counter, lover," she laughed.

"I never remember to get it before I leave." The waitress nodded and left to go do rounds again. Lexi whispered in Mercedez ear that the boys were watching them and Mercedez smiled.

"Let's dance," Kat said wiggling. The girls laughed and headed down to the floor to shake 'what their mama's gave 'em" as Kat would say. They danced for quite awhile before making their way back to the bar.
"Hit us, barkeep," Mercedez laughed at Cody. He put nine shots down in front of them, three in front of each girl. They laughed at his antics but downed all the shots, just the same.
"Whoo," Lexi shouted fanning herself. Kat threw a 5 down on the counter winking at Cody, and then they made their way back to their table. There were a bunch of girls surrounding the boys now, and they had to fight to get to their table. Suddenly all the girls parted as the waitresses came rushing over to the table. Mercedez looked at Rachel eyes narrowing slightly.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY," they shouted. Mercedez head hit the table. Rachel said they didn't know, bot of course that had to be why Kat and Lexi wanted her here so badly. Kat was Mercedez's cousin, and Lexi was just their best friend, but they found it hysterical that they all shared a birthday.
"You know those guys are all staring at you right," Kat whispered pinching Mercedez.
"Ugh, I don't care," Mercedez said sitting up. Rachel was smiling sheepishly at Mercedez, she'd promised not to tell, but Mercedez couldn't be mad at her, afterall, Kat, Lexi, and her had to at least pretend to be human. They all went downstairs as Tokio Hotel's Scream blared over the speakers. Mercedez forgot all about the four boys standing on the top floor watching everything they were doing and just danced and sang along with all the others.
Upstairs, Tom, Bill, George, and Gustav were watching closely, they wondered if the girl had recognized them. They came to this club often, but never heard their own music being played before. They'd also seen these same girls a hundred times before but they had never noticed them like they had tonight. Bill was watching Tom closely, he seemed distracted. Bill noticed him watching someone on the dance floor.
"Why don't you ask her to dance," he asked his brother.
"Hmm," Tom asked turning his attention to his younger brother.
"The girl, you've been watching her since she came in." Tom shrugged.
"She's cute, but not interested in her."
"Tom, seriously, you don't watch anyone the way you've been watching her, but you aren't interested?"
"Nope, I'm not," Tom said turning back to all the girls surrounding their table. Bill laughed.
Downstairs, there was a commotion, the boys looked down to see a very well built man grab the girl Tom had been staring at. She was struggling to get away from him and the other girls didn't seem to be aiding their friend in her attempts. Mercedez stomped on his foot, and headbutted him, causing him to lose his grasp on her. She spun quickly away from him fists clenched. He always had to ruin her birthday.
"Is that a way to say hello, to your man," he growled as the music stopped playing.
"Firstly, you're not a man, and secondly I'm not yours," she retorted. He raised a hand to hit her, Bill glanced at Tom noticing how tightly he was gripping the railing, he was bending it. She ducked as he flung his arm at her, as he fell she stepped back so he couldn't grab her again. The barkeep had called security, but Mercedez motioned for them to stay back. They did as told, and the boys were again confused.
"I own you," he smiled.
"You should go, David, now," Mercedez said fists clenching. She could tell everyone in the bar was staring at her. She didn't care, no one save for the girls knew her past. And they were always by her side.
"So which one of you is screwing her," he yelled. Looking throughout the crowd his eyes fixed on the four boys standing over the railing. 'It's one of you."
"I don't even know them," Mercedez said. He hauled back and punched her, Mercedez skidded across the floor. She was pissed. Trying to keep her calm she stood back up and looked at him. "My little sister hits harder than you."
"Now there's my girl. Which one is he, M, c'mon you know you want to tell me," David taunted.
"You're really pathetic, I won't sleep with you so I've got to be sleeping with any guy that looks at me that notices I'm in the same room with them," Mercedez taunted back. Lexi and Kat realized that the four boys from earlier were still rooted to their spots, they went up the stairs to make sure that David didn't try to go after them, upon reaching the balcony where the boys were standing they turned to watch Mercedez.
"Which one is he," David bellowed sending Mercedez into the wall again. She charged him, knocking him to the floor easily.
"None of them David, but it's not like you believe me, you only showed up to ruin my birthday yet again," Mercedez growled. She kicked David in the head spinning him into the wall. They went back and forth like this for awhile; the boys had never seen anything like it before. David suddenly jumped up on a table jumping again he grabbed the railing where Kat and Lexi were standing. He grabbed Kat by the throat holding her over the edge. Lexi stood frozen.
"I'll drop her love," David laughed. The boys were unsure of what to do, Bill held on to Tom as Mercedez ran up the stairs, she glanced at the boys, cursing silently.
"Let her go," Mercedez growled. So far she was doing good, on keeping control.
"Poor choice of words, love," he said releasing her. Mercedez ran knocking David over the railing. David grabbed her and rolled so that Mercedez went through the table with him landing on top of her, just missing the table leg that had stabbed through her shoulder. Mercedez yanked the table leg out of her shoulder and wrapped one leg around David's throat, pushing with that leg she flipped David into the wall. Jumping up she scanned the bar for Kat. Kat was sitting under a table cllutching her ankle. Mercedez glanced up at Lexi nodding to where Kat was. Lexi jumped down and ran to her. She grabbed Kat and ran back up the stairs putting her on the table. The boys were watching their eyes going back and forth between Lexi and Kat and Mercedez with the guy downstairs. Tom was gripping the railing still, Bill put his hand on Tom's shoulder. Mercedez was standing downstairs, David had gotten up and they began to fight again. David lunged at Mercedez trying to grab her throat, Mercedez dodged his attack kicking him in the face. David lay sprawled on the ground. Mercedez, Lexi, and Kat took him out through the back door of the bar.
"That was her ex?"
"Yes, it is Tom," Gustav said.
"Why would she ever have been with him," he asked quietly. Gustav put his hand on his old friend's shoulder.
"She didn't have a choice."
"You know her?"
"Yes, we've known each other for awhile, we are just really good friends, in fact she's like family," Gustav said. He noticed the anger fade from Tom's face as Tom watched Mercedez.
"I'd like to hear the story sometimes Gustav," Tom whispered smiling.
"Her father gave her to him. She didn't have a choice, it was go or die, and Kat needed her. Kat's her cousin, she's the one that has the broken ankle, the one with the red hair, you know, purple and black streaks," Gustav said with a cheesy grin on his face.
"Have you told her yet," Tom asked laughing.
"Told her what," Gustav said blushing slightly. Tom laughed patting his back.
"That you love her."
"No, but they know what I am, and they accept it," Gustav said watching Tom. Tom sat down on the stairs, and Gustav could tell he needed to be alone, so he walked away quickly to go see how everything was going. Kat turned to see Gustav walking towards her and stopped what she was doing, Lexi glanced back and laughed.
"Oh, Gusti, I didn't expect to see you here," Lexi laughed.
"I told Kat I'd be here, she was supposed to come and find me."
"Oh you did," Lexi said laughing as Kat blushed ducking her head.
"This is the girl you make fun of me for talking to all the time," Gustav laughed pointing towards Kat.
"Oh," Bill said looking a little angry. Lexi stopped laughing and went back to cleaning up the bar. Lexi and Kat took David outside, and Cody returned with them. Mercedez was sitting at the bar, with a bottle of tequila. She raised the bottle to her lips as George sat down next to her.
"Mind if I join you," he smiled.
"So long as you don't ask me to share," she smiled back before downing the rest of the tequila. She wiped her mouth when she was finished setting the bottle back on the other side of the bar. Cody put his arms around her and whispered in her ear. She nodded.
"Leaving so soon," George mused.
"I've got some business to attend to," she said excusing herself,Cody and her went up to the main office. Her fangs were now visible and her eyes had a faint glow. She shoved him against the door grabbing his wrist. She bit down as he clutched at her hair.
Bill joined Tom on the stairs and noted that he was looking at the office door. He draped his arm around his brother's shoulder.
"You like her?"
"No," Tom snapped. "I'm just trying to figure out how we never noticed Gustav talking to them before."Bill nodded not wanting to fight with Tom. But Tom noticed Lexi was staring at Bill. He laughed.
"What," Bill asked perplexed.
"It would seem that you have someone very interested in you," he laughed looking at Lexi. Lexi blushed deeply and dropped her eyes to what she was doing. She should have realized that they'd never noticed her, she'd noticed them since the first time she'd heard their music, she loved it, but they'd never noticed her. Her last boyfriend had dumped her for yelling out Bill's name once, it made a pretty funny story to her friends,she was hoping they wouldn't mention that. She was sweeping the floor of all the glass and broken table parts, she could hear everything Tom and Bill were saying to one another.
"Yeah, because someone that gorgeous would be interested in me," Bill was saying.
"Oh, yeah, Bill, you don't have millions of female fans throwing themselves at you, and you saw the way she was jamming out to your songs," Tom laughed. He watched Lexi's face fall with the words he spoke.
"Those girls are different than her," Bill whispered. Mercedez returned from the office with Cody and nodded as he went back behind the bar. She sat back down next to George and smiled.
"Feeling better I assume," George laughed.
"Much," Mercedez laughed.
"I'm George," he said extending his hand. Mercedez shook it.
"Mercedez," she smiled.
"It's great to meet you," George smiled. Mercedez noticed the girl he'd been with upstairs staring at her fiercely.
"It's nice to meet you too, but I think your girlfriend doesn't like you talking to me," she laughed. George looked over to the corner where the girl was standing. He winked at her and motioned for her to join them.
"Hi, I'm Liz."
"Hello, I'm Mercedez." She tapped the bar and Cody immediately put three shot glasses on the table,"Make it eight. Shots all around."
"Hell yeah," Kat whooped, coming over to the bar. Bill, Tom, Gustav, and Lexi joined them. They all took their shots and set the glasses down. Cody smiled at Mercedez as he set his glass down. There was a knock at the bar door and Cody jumped up. He brought Joe back in with him and they sat down together whispering in each other's ears.
"Ugh, they make me sick with all that love crap," Mercedez laughed. Bill looked at her oddly.
Cody brought Joe back over to the bar with him, they were holding hands, and Bill's face showed that he finally understood. Cody poured them both drinks, before looking at everyone else and pouring them all drinks. They took the shots and Mercedez stood. Tom had retreated back to the stairs. Mercedez walked past him on her way to get her coat. She glanced down at him and noticed he refused to look at her. She sighed and continued up the stairs to get her jacket. She swore she'd left it on the table they'd first used, but it wasn't there. She began to look for it under the table and on the other tables.
"Are you looking for this," his voice was deep, with a thick accent. She turned to see the boy from the stairs. She caught her breath as he handed her, her jacket.
"Thanks," she said smiling. He was watching her closely making her skin tingle. "German, right?"
"Yeah," he answered with a raised eyebrow.
"That's hot," she laughed. She went to walk down the stairs but he stepped in front of her.
"Going so soon?"
"Well, since everyone is downstairs waiting for me, yeah, you're welcome to join me," she smiled sheepishly at him. He sniggered and turned away skipping down the stairs. She stood there momentarily trying to get her ground back. No one, especially not a man, had ever turned away from her like that before. Mercedez frowned as she walked down the stairs. Bill bounded over to her with a huge grin on his face.
"So, where are you ladies off to," he said glancing at Lexi. Mercedez smiled and leaned down on the rail.
"You like her, don't you," she smiled. Bill's face turned bright red.
"No, not at all," he said stifling a laugh. "It's that obvious?"
"To me, yes, to her, no, she thinks you'd never go for her. So, she won't approach you, you'll have to go to her," Mercedez whispered to him. She noticed Tom's seething face looking at them.
"So, what kind of things does she like?"
"Talk to her, you'll find out so much more about her, if you just talk to her," Mercedez laughed standing up.
"Yo, M, where we going," Cody yelled grabbing a coat and Joe's hand.
"Let's get some grub," Mercedez laughed. Everyone seemed please with this idea. Everyone, but Tom. He kept glancing at her with hate in his eyes, she tayed back a little from the group as everyone seemed paired up, save for her and Tom. Bill and Lexi had begun to talk each other's ears off, and Kat was cuddled up to Gustav as they walked. Even George and Liz seemed comfortable holding hands and just looking around, but mostly watching the sky. Cody and Joe stopped noticing Mercedez was lagging behind.
"You all right M," Cody asked wrapping his arms around her.
"Peachy," she half-smiled at them.
"Don't lie to us, M. You know we can always tell." She laughed.
"Yeah, I know, but that doesn't mean I wanna tell you about all of my problems." Tom glanced back at the three of them. He growled. Bill noticed and grabbed him wrapping his arm around him and including him into Lexi's and his conversation. Bill noticed Tom was still watching the girl they'd seen fighting earlier. Lexi noticed it too. She glanced back and seen that Mercedez, Cody and Joe had all stopped and were talking in a circle. Mercedez looked really upset. She stopped dead in her tracks. Mercedez glanced at her and shook her head. Lexi knew to just keep walking. Bill noticed Lexi's head drop as she started walking again and he glanced back and knew it had something to do with Mercedez.
"Why'd they stop," he asked Lexi.
"They're trying to get information out of her, information she'll never tell them, things she won't talk about. They want to know why she's sad, they want to know why David is always trying to ruin her birthday and why she always let's him get to her. He's hurt her bad so many times, and there's nothing anyone can do to protect her from it. He just keeps coming. She's tried pretending to be with someone, she's tried staying away from everyone, and nothing works. They'll keep asking, but she won't tell them." Lexi kept walking glancing around. She looked Bill in the eyes and he smiled.
"Do you know these things," he asked. Lexi nodded.
"She's been my best friend since we were 5, we grew up together. She's had a rough couple of years, been through too much, no one should have to go through so much. But she stays strong, never lets people know what she really feels about anything, no one but Kat and I anyways. She doesn't trust very many people, but she's been stabbed in the back so many times. Her father gave her to David when she was 14 as a gift. David was going to get her father's company by marrying her, which is the only reason he wanted her in the first place. Her dad made great money, now she does. She owns an empire and rules it with great respect from everyone. David never respected her, always talked down to her because she is a woman. Her dad made him sign a contract for his 'gift' though, saying he wouldn't bed her until she was 16 if he did so the contract would be voided out. David was always sleeping with other women, in her bed no less, she told him she didn't care if he slept with them, so long as she didn't have to see it, and it wasn't in her bed. She came home early one night to find him in bed with this gorgeous woman. She was pissed. He was mad that the other woman had found out he'd lied to her and had left. He beat Mercedez for hours, they went back and forth, niether of them really winning. He threw her through a window into a garden and he raped her. She didn't tell anyone at first, but she was having nightmares, and David was around more, I knew she wouldn't have slept with him willingly, she didn't even like him. David was supposed to make her father into what he was, but the bastard died before David could hold up his end of the bargain. Mercedez has always been the strong one, her father beat it into her that showing your emotions is a sign of weakness. But then she found out she was pregnant, David took off, when he heard knowing her father was going to freak out. He just took off. Mercedez had a beautiful little girl, Kyli, she wasn't going to keep her, but then she did, to remind herself she was strong. Her father was killed shortly after she'd had the baby, but by then they'd somewhat made up, and he drafted a new will naming her the heir of everything and that David was to have absolutely nothing. Since David found out about becoming cut off from the goods he thought he had he's been torturing her saying it's out of love. She doesn't get close to anyone. Doesn't trust anyone enough, says she isn't good enough to be loved by anyone other than Kat and I, but even then she's convinced we love her solely because she protects us." A tear slid down Lexi's cheek and Bill pulled her into an embrace. "He knows we're her only weakness."
"What about her daughter," Bill asked quietly.
"He killed her. He came back into their lives when she was 3, Mercedez's brother had just been killed, he pretended to be there to make amends for the pain he'd caused, but he wasn't. She began to trust him by Christmas, and agreed to let him take Kyli for the night on Christmas Eve, he was supposed to take her to his parents house, but he didn't. He killed her. And then came for Mercedez, the same old games. Mercedez could've killed him over a century ago, but she didn't. Instead she forgave him, told him that he reminded her how capable she really is, and walked away. No matter where we move though he finds us. And every year on her birthday, he makes a scene."
"That's horrible," Bill growled. He was angry. Tom kept walking, he'd heard everything Lexi had said. It bothered him, more than he wanted to admit. He couldn't keep him mind off of Mercedez, that bothered him too. Bill was watching his brother closely as they continued walking. Mercedez, Cody, and Joe had all caught back up with them. Tom, Gustav, and Kat were at the front of the group. Mercedez still hung back a little ways, when they reached the restaurant they put a bunch of tables together. Mercedez sat on one end, Tom on the other and all the happy couples in between. Everyone was talking loudly as they ordered their food, Tom and Mercedez sat quietly though. Bill kept glancing at his brother, noticing every time he looked at him, he was looking at Mercedez. Bill sighed loudly and everyone glanced at him. Mercedez sat with her head down the entire time, Kat noticed she didn't even order anything to eat. Bill and Lexi were talking to each other about all the things they had in common, while Kat had her head rested on Gustav's shoulder. Joe and Cody played footsie under the table. Tom ate quickly then excused himself to the restroom. Bill followed as did George and Gustav. Lexi and Kat came to Mercedez side and held her hand. Liz watched closely.
"M, what's wrong," Kat asked. Mercedez glanced at Liz and smiled.
"Don't lie to me, woman," Lexi smiled at Mercedez. Liz came down to their end of the table as well.
"If you'd like me to disappear to the bathroom, so that you may talk openly with these 2 I can," she offered.
"No, Liz, you can stay. I'm just conflicted," Mercedez smiled.
"Please tell me, not about hanging out with us," Liz said.
"No, no, not that at all, I must apologize for what you all witnessed tonight though, must have been wierd to watch."
"Honestly, the boys fight like that all the time, the only thing different was you are obviously not a boy," Liz laughed. Lexi and Kat burst out laughing as well.
"Tom what the hell is wrong with you," Bill was questioning his brother.
"I've told you nothing is wrong," Tom countered. Gustav and George just watched, they'd learned one thing with being with the twins, never get in the middle.
"You're lying to me, Tom, I can feel it."
"I don't want to talk about it," Tom sighed.
"It's Mercedez, isn't it,"Gustav asked.
"Yeah, well, no, well kind of,"Tom questioned himself. Gustav smiled.
"I knew it from the way you've been watching her. She makes you uneasy."
"Women, are not supposed to be able to fight like that."
"Seriuosly, Tom, that's what you are upset about? Is that she can fight," Bill asked perplexed.
"Sort of. I was hoping to get her into bed by saving her ass from that creep, but she didn't need any help," Tom sighed.
"She's not going to be like your groupies Tom, if you tell her all you want is to sleep with her, that's all you'll get from her,"Gustav whispered. "And she deserves more than that."
"He's right." George answered. Everyone looked at him. "I talked with her, I may not know her how Gustav does, but she's magnificent. I've never met anyone, that protects their loved ones like that. Kat is her cousin she almost died for her and I'm sure she'd do the same for Lexi since they've been friends so long. I'm just saying, she's amazing."
"Agreed," smiled Bill. Tom shook his head.
"She may deserve more, but I don't want to give her more, all I know is that I want her, and it keeps playing in my head, all the different ways I could have her, I can't help my nature,"Tom shrugged. Bill drooped his head, he'd hoped his brother would find the 'one' he'd spend the rest of his life with, he'd hoped it'd be Mercedez, he'd never known his brother to just stare at a girl all night and not make a move. The boys left the bathroom and glanced at their table the girls were all at one end now.
"It has nothing to do with hanging out with you guys, that's been fun, except for one person, I can't seem to get a good read on him, and he keeps staring at me," Mercedez pouted. Liz laughed.
"You're the first girl he's noticed but hasn't tried to get in bed yet, which is a little odd, but I think you threw him through a loop with those mad fighting skills."
"Yeah, don't sweat it, you've got guys drooling over you all the time," Kat laughed.
"None that look like him," Mercedez half-whispered noticing the guys almost back to the table. The others followed her gaze and slid back to their chairs. They all started laughing. Tom half smiled at Mercedez who returned the gesture. The sun was coming up as they finally left the restaurant.
"There's nowhere for us to go,"Tom whispered to the guys.
"You guys can all crash at my place it's big enough," Mercedez offered, overhearing them. Bill, Gustav, and George were thrilled. Cody and Joe excused themselves to go home with everyone waving goodbye. Mercedez kept her head down as Kat and Lexi lead the way to her house. Bill gasped when he saw it.
"No way, you have an original," he exclaimed. Mercedez laughed.
"Well, I've never heard it put like that before, but yes, this is the original house it dates back to the early 19oo's I guess. It belonged to my father. I sold off some of the land, since I didn't need it, but I still have the lake, and I still have the barn and a few other things. She unlocked the door and let them all inside. As Tom stepped by her she looked up at him, looking right into her eyes, she felt a shock, something she'd never felt with anyone before. She quickly turned away knowing her eyes were going to give her away. He frowned before moving on. She locked the doors, and all the shades were already drawn.
"Will that keep out all of the sunlight,"Bill asked.
"Sure will, we've stayed here for a pretty long time," Mercedez smiled. If they were worried about sunlight, that meant they weren't really like Kat, Lexi and herself or even Gustav for that matter. Gustav and Kat had already wandered off hand in hand, Lexi made herself comfortable on the couch with Bill. George and Liz stood there sort of awkwardly.
"Hey, Mercedez, is there a place we can go sleep," George asked smiling slightly.
"Sure upstairs, first door to the right, there's a four-poster bed, you can shut the curtains around if you don't believe me about the sunlight, and also if you sleep in the nude, because housekeeping really doesn't like to walk in on that sort of thing," she laughed. They skipped off up the stairs hand in hand. "I'm sure you can show Bill where he can sleep, if the boy wants to."
"Of course, M, what do you think I am going to do, torture him, by keeping him awake all day?" With that she rolled Bill off the couch and stood up, helping Bill up off the floor she disappeared with him up the stairs. Mercedez collapsed on the couch and Tom propped himself in the door.
"Bill doesn't like the sunlight, we can be in it, but it drains us pretty fast," Tom said. Mercedez's eyes flew open, she'd forgotten to show him to a room.
"Oh my, I'm so sorry, you must think I'm terrible," she said standing up.
"No, I thought you couldn't resist my charm and were trying to make it so I had no choice but to sit with you,"Tom smiled. Mercedez would have been upset if his smile hadn't been so breathtakingly beautiful. She blushed slightly, mentally smacking herself for doing so.
"Well, I can show you to a room now if you'd like," she whispered. He nodded and she began to walk up the stairs. He was watching the way she moved closely. She chose the third door on the right at the top of the stairs, her room was right across the hall. As she turned to leave, he grasped her wrist.
"Stay for awhile," he said with a devilish grin.
"I'd love to, but I can't. I know your reputation, I'm not that kind of girl, well, ok so maybe I am a little, but I can't lie to myself and say I don't want something more with you than just that, and I don't want to get hurt, by being just that." He dropped her wrist and turned away, as he was closing his door, she stopped him kissing him on the cheek. He watched as she walked back to her room, she stopped in the doorway looking over her shoulder she smiled at him before closing her door.
"This woman's going to drive me insane," he whispered to himself closing his door. He fell onto the bed and into a fitful slumber.
The guys had decided to stay with them over the next few weeks. They played local venues, and got more fans to their millions of loved ones already. They played to tens of thousands of people and were flocked by hundreds of girls every night. Lexi didn't seem to mind Bill's paying attention to other women, in fact he was more worried about it than she was. He kept asking Mercedez over and over if she thought Lexi was mad at him for it. Mercedez couldn't convince him that she wasn't. Tom, however, had various girls over every night, not that anyone minded this of course they were always locked away in Tom's room with him. One night Bill had invited everyone to the show, they'd all agreed to go. Lexi, Kat, and Mercedez, and of course Liz who'd been accepted fully by the other three girls of the house, watched from the side of the stage. Liz kept her eyes on George the entire show, no one even thought she blinked. But big deal, Liz went with George to every venue. Mercedez was awwed by the power of the stage watching the boys rock the house she was screaming right along with the throngs of fans that had come from all over just to see them. Kat was doing the same as was Lexi. Lexi's eyes never left Bill, she sang with every song and was dancing along as well. Mercedez smiled, she was happy for her friend. It'd been a long time since she saw Lexi this happy, it was probably back when they were humans. When she'd found her first love, not that he returned it, but she loved him until the day she found out what a douchebag he was. Mercedez smiled at the memory. Lexi had hauled off and hit him right in the nose. Kat glanced at Mercedez and noticed her smile. She nudged her and signed to her asking if she was smiling about Tom. Mercedez shook her head no and told her the memory she was smiling at. Lexi burst out laughing.
"I can not believe the pair of you remember that," she giggled her eyes still on Bill. Mercedez remembered one valuable fact about being a vampire, once you mated (willingly) you were mated for life, she thought Lexi had found that in Bill, and Kat had found it in Gustav, and frowned.
"What is it," Kat asked hushed getting Lexi's attention away from Bill and coming over to them.
"You guys aren't going to need me anymore, you've found what you've always been looking for in them," Mercedez said a tear falling down her cheek. The concert was over and so the boys were coming off the stage and saw Mercedez shed the tear. Bill looked at the others and then glared at Tom mouthing, 'what'd you do,' as he turned back to them.
"We'll always need you," Kat and Lexi said together hugging her.
"Of course they will, and so do I, or they'll be the death of me," Gustav joked hugging Mercedez and wrapping one arm around Kat. Kat playfully punched him in his arm. Gustav wiped the tears off of Mercedez's face.
"Thanks," she whispered.
"You know I've known you guys forever, and I've never seen you even close to shedding a tear in front of anyone, and you choose now over this," Gustav joked shoving Mercedez who just stuck her tongue out at him.
"You know we mate for life once we find exactly what we're looking for, and I know that these two have found that."
"You'll find it someday," Bill said smiling.
"That's just it, Bill, I already have found what I want, but it doesn't matter, because it would never happen," she gave him a weak smile. Bill glanced at Tom who was already making out with a blonde over by the wall. They returned to the house, Tom and his newfound friend disappeared up the stairs, Mercedez turned and went into the living room and layed down on the couch. Bill sat on the floor in front of her with Lexi sitting next to him. They were both looking at her with concern.
"Why are you laying on the couch instead of going to bed,"Lexi asked.
"Have you tried to sleep across the hall from that? It's almost impossible,"Mercedez laughed. Lexi grinned at her.
"Are you sure there's nothing wrong, M," Bill asked.
"I'm sure Bill." She smiled at him, but he wasn't going up to bed with Lexi.
"I'll be up in a minute sweetheart," he smiled at her. Lexi disappeared up the stairs smiling all the way.
"What's up Bill,"Mercedez asked sitting up and patting the cushion next to her.
"Well, I wanna ask Lexi to marry me, or give her a commitment ring, I know I want to spend eternity with her."
"Well, I'd like your help to go pick out a ring." Mercedez smiled.
"I'd love to help you, I saw her looking at one awhile back, she wanted it for her birthday, but with the bills at the bar that month I couldn't get it for her, she'll love it." Bill quickly hugged Mercedez and disappeared up the stairs with a huge smile. Mercedez flipped on the tv and grabbed a bag of ab negative out of the fridge. She poured it into a coffee mug and threw it in the microwave and returned to watch 'Bram Stroker's Dracula' on the television. She drank half of her mug before realizing she was being watched. She looked around but didn't see anyone. She finished her drink setting it on the table and curled up with a pillow as the movie began. She noticed movement on the stairs and sat up, hoping that it was Tom taking his 'friend' home, but it was Tom's friend.
"I'm sorry I got lost and heard the tv, hope you don't mind, this house is so big," she gushed.
"Oh, no, you're fine I'm just watching a movie."
"I'm Ashley, by the way," the girl said sitting down.
"Mercedez." They had gotten through about half of the movie when Tom appeared in the doorway. Mercedez didn't even glance at him as he sat down next to Ashley and began to kiss on her neck.
"Come back upstairs," he whispered.
"After the movie,"Ashley giggled. He glanced at Mercedez who had put her head down on the arm of the couch. At the commercial break Mercedez got up and went into the kitchen, grabbing another bag of blood and throwing it into the microwave.
"So, is this your house," Ashley asked from the kitchen doorway.
"Yep, it's been in my family for years," Mercedez answered. She looked back and noticed Tom in the doorway behind her. She turned back to the microwave placing her mug in front of it when she opened the door she quicly slit the bag and poured it into the cup. She then chugged it, licking away any traces of blood there may have been, she went to the sink and rinsed out her cup and placed it back on the counter. She heard the comercial break ending and excused herself back into the living room. She watched as Tom climbed the stairs alone as Ashley plopped back down on the couch next to her.
"Does it bother you that I'm here," Ashley asked.
"Why would you ask me something like that," Mercedez answered.
"Well I feel like I'm intruding, I know he didn't ask if I could come home with you guys, but he's so amazing. I love him, I really do," Ashley babbled. Mercedez noticed Tom sitting on the stairs watching them.
"It's just as much their house as it is mine," she replied.
"Oh, so then you don't mind, that's good, because I've seen how he looks at you, and I've seen how you look at him, and first I thought you guys were together, but then he asked me to come home with him, and first I thought you were going to rip my throat out, but you're watching a movie while I'm rambling away like a lunatic," Ashley laughed nervously.
"It's fine, Ashley, no trouble at all. Tom and I are just friends, and to be honest I don't think we are even friends. He doesn't really talk to me and I don't really talk to him."
"Oh, well ok then, I had to make sure you knew where your boundaries were, he's mine, and I don't want you getting in the way of that." Tom was back in the doorway as Ashley finished her sentence. Mercedez had a handful of the couch slowly breaking it in her hand as she was clenching her fists so tightly. Tom sat in between the two women thinking it best to keep them apart. When the movie finished Ashley and Tom disappeared back up the stairs. Mercedez not able to keep her temper in control any longer finally let go.
Her eyes glowed silver as did her fingernails, Lexi and Kat were downstairs in a flash, Bill, Gustav, and Georg followed. Mercedez threw the couch against the wall, shattering it into bits, the light from her eyes was blinding as Kat and Lexi tried to get through to her. Tom was at the top of the stairs watching the destruction, Ashley remained hidden in the bedroom. Mercedez was floating three feet in the air, her whole body had a faint silver glow to it. Bill tried to walk forward to get to Lexi but Gustav stopped him.
"They're the only ones that can get through to her right now. Something has her really upset, she furious, and she's hurt badly," Gustav said holding Bill back. Bill looked up at Tom, furious. George retreated back to Liz's arms in the comfort of the room Mercedez had dubbed theirs. Tom looked on in utter shock. Lexi and Kat had reached Mercedez.
"Baby, you need to calm down or you are going to kill us all," Kat called out.
"I don't care," Mercedez shouted shattering the glass.
"Yes you do, M, you care about Gustav, and Bill, George, Liz, Kat and I, you even care about Tom," Lexi whispered the last part. At the mention of Tom's name the lights blew, cascading darkness all around them, all except for Mercedez, her glow illuminated the room she was in. Kat and Lexi were hugging her, and her feet were now on the ground. Her glow was slowly dimming when Tom returned to his room. He sat on the edge of his bed, wondering why she'd been so mad at him.
"Are you ok, now," Lexi asked stroking Mercedez's hair. Tears flowed from her eyes as she nodded.
"I'm fine, I think I should leave though," Mercedez whispered.
"What, why," Bill, George, and Gustav shouted together. Mercedez glanced at them quickly.
"Because, of this," she said motioning to the wrecked room, "I can't keep pretending."
"Pretending what," Bill asked holding Mercedez hand.
"That I don't love him," Mercedez sniffled. Bill pulled her into a hug.
"We all love you, and whatever you decide we'll be here for you, but if you decide to go, you better write," he smiled.
"I will." Mercedez stood, her mind was made up. She had to leave, it was for their own safety.
She went up to her room and grabbed a bag, Tom had heard her door open and close. She packed quickly, taking only a few oufits, and a few hair things, a few things of eyeliner and lip gloss. She threw her bag over her shoulder and grabbed her favorite blanket as well, folding it over the bag she carried. When she opened her door Tom was standing in the hallway.
"You're leaving?"
"Yeah, I have to," she whispered not looking him in the eyes.
"Why what, Tom?"
"Why do you have to leave," he asked stepping closer to her.
"Because, I need to." Her voice faltered.
"What happened down there, I've never seen anything like it," he said taking another step towards her.
"Not alot of people have ever seen that, not alot of people have survived it, it happens when my emotions get the better of me," she said stepping back into her door. Dammit, why'd I close that, she thought to herself.
"I saw it, I heard it first. I thought someone had broken in, I thought it was David. So I went to the stairs and I saw you," he said taking another step towards her. He was now right in front of her. "Look at me."
"Why," she whispered. He put his fingers under her chin lifting her face to look into her eyes which were still wet with tears.
"Because I want you to," he whispered leaning closer to her. Their lips were inches apart and he kept coming closer.
"What do you want from me, Tom," she asked breathless from looking into his eyes. "You don't even know I exist half of the time, and the other half your antagonizing me."
"I want you." He said kissing her. For a moment she let go, she let him kiss her, mesmorizing her with his touch. She kissed back, letting loose all the passion she had in her, before pushing him back.
"I have to go," she whispered turning to the stairs. Ashley poked her head out of their bedroom.
"Baby, are you going to come back to bed," she asked smiling at Mercedez until she saw her bags. "Where are you going?"
"Away for awhile."
"Oh, well have a safe trip," the blonde said smiling looking at Tom.
"Goodbye Tom," Mercedez whispered as she descended the stairs. Everyone was sad that she was going. They all even tried to talk her into staying. Lexi knew why she was leaving and couldn't blame her.
"I love you, and if you need anything call me or Kat, and M, be careful, I know you like to get into trouble, tell me you'll come back soon," Lexi pleaded with her friend.
"I don't know if I can," Mercedez whispered hugging her.
"M, this is your coven, you decide who stays and who goes, not anyone else."
"Ah, but you see, you are all happy here, I just need some time. I'll come back, but I don't know how long it will be before I do." Tom was standing on the stairs watching her. She didn't want to turn away from him, she kept imagining what it would be like to have him all to herself, but that would never happen, you can't tame a wild thing like Tom. So, she left.
She stayed at the bar, in the attic, she'd had it turned into an apartment for when she had business meetings where they were supposed to come to her home. She thought it made her look better to stay in her place of business for certain meetings. The apartment worked wonderfully for her too. She'd called the girls and told them where she was staying and told them they were welcome at anytime. Once a week for about a month they had a girl's night. They'd party it up at the bar and then just head upstairs when they wanted to crash. But after a month Bill, George and Gustav wanted to see her. They thought she was mad at them for Tom's mistakes. Even Tom was miserable to be around. He'd been bringing multiple groupies back for awhile now, but nothing seemed to satisfy him. So, Bill decided they were going to go to the bar with the girl's one night. Mercedez didn't mind, it was good to see all of them. Even Tom came, and he didn't even bring a girl with him. Bill told Mercedez how clingy Ashley got, and that they had thrown her out and told her she was no longer welcome. To prove it to her, Tom made out with some random girl on the street. Ashley was heartbroken, but no one really cared. Bill thought it was her fault that Mercedez had left. So did everyone else. Kat and Lexi knew what had happened that night, even Liz knew, but they wouldn't tell the guys. Tom showed up later than everyone else at the bar, he'd originally said he was going to stay home. Everyone was on the dance floor when he showed, so he just found their table and sat down. He was looking for Mercedez, he'd decided he needed to tell her. But when he found her she was dirty dancing with someone that looked just like David. He tried to ignore it. But he found himself just staring. The song ended and everyone came back up to the table. Including the guy who looked identical to David.
"Angel, you are way too funny. I can't believe it's been so long since I've seen you," Mercedez laughed. Her smile faded a little when she saw Tom. Angel's arm hung loosely over her shoulder. He glanced back and forth between the two. He dropped his arm and stepped away from her.
"Um, I think I should go," he said a little nervously.
"Why because Tom's giving you the evil eye," Mercedez asked ominously.
"Um, yeah actually, I am not trying to come between you and any guy," he laughed.
"Oh like you could, you big teddy bear. If he's jealous oh well, any moron can see we're just friends, she laughed pushing him. When they reached the table they noticed there were shots waiting for them. Mercedez laughed as she glanced at Cody who just winked. They downed their shots, before Mercedez said she was going upstairs. Tom looked a little confused and hurt that she didn't want to see him. He'd tried to pretend he didn't want to see her, that he didn't want her, but he couldn't stop thinking about her. So, he came to the bar, in hopes to gain a friendship at least. But she wasn't interested, yet when he'd kissed her before she left that day, he'd felt it, she'd kissed him back, she wanted him, too. He watched her closely.
"Well I'm going back to my hotel," Angel laughed.
"Oooo, do you have a pool," Mercedez asked grinning. Angel laughed.
"No, love I don't have a pool." Mercedez pouted. Angel kissed her forehead.
"No fair, I want to go swimming," Mercedez laughed. Her fake pout never worked.
"You could always come back with us, you do have a lake in your back yard," Tom smiled.
"You know what, I totally forgot that I did. I think I'll do that, let me grab my suit and we can go," she asked questioningly at everyone. They all high fived. As Mercedez ran up to get her suit everyone turned to Tom.
"What," he asked as they all glared at him.
"Don't bring a floozie home with you that's going to start something," Kat growled.
"I didn't intend on bringing anyone home but her," Tom blurted. Bill laughed.
"Well, big bro, I thought you didn't believe in love?"
"I didn't, and then I met her."
"Well, I'll be damned, that's why you're glaring at me," Angel asked. "You're in love with her?"
"Yeah I guess," Tom laughed.
"Do you know who I am," Angel asked.
"Not a fucking clue."
"She's never told you about me?"
"We haven't talked very much and I haven't seen her at all in a month, it's driven me insane," Tom answered.
"Well you've met my brother, David. Total ass that guy is. But he's my identical twin, yet we're nothing alike. He tried to kill her, and almost succeeded, but you see, her mother was turned while she was in labor with her. Her mom was walking to the hospital in labor, and was attacked. Mercedez was born with vampire blood coursing through her veins, and her father was a wolf, disowned her immediately. David not knowing this tried to kill her, now you see I'm part angel, part vampyre, my mother gave up her wings to become mortal only to fall in love with a vampire, what a way to live right? Anyway, I wasn't ok with what my brother was doing and put some of my blood into her, so in a way I'm kind of her maker."
"Wow,"was all Tom could say. Mercedez returned and noticed everyone looking at her. She put her head down.
"You filled them in on who you are, how we know one another?"
"Yeah, sorry, he asked." David shrugged. Mercedez looked at him puzzled as he nodded towards Tom.
"Shall we go,"Mercedez asked hopeful. They walked back to her house and she ran to the back stripping off her jeans and tshirt as she ran. Kat realized she'd put her suit on already and ran after her laughing. She stripped her shirt and skirt off as well and jumped into the lake right behind Mercedez. Lexi followed suit. Bill shrugged out of his clothes and joined them only instead of jumping in he found the beach and slowly waded into the water. Tom did the same. George and Liz decided to stay on the beach and Gustav jumped in. Mercedez sputtered as she came back up from being dunked. Angel had said goodbye before they returned to Mercedez's home. Mercedez shook out her hair and noticed Tom and Bill were still standing only waist deep in the water. She looked at Lexi with an evil grin. Gustav noticed where they were looking and splashed them. They swam into a group Kat joining them and made a plan to dunk the twins. They all swam up.
"Are you guys getting out already," Bill asked frowning.
"NO baby," Lexi said wrapping her arms around Bill. Mercedez stood in the water next to Tom and Bill with Gustav blocking them on the other side with Kat. Tom was looking at all of them.
"You guys are plotting something," Tom laughed. They all shook their heads no looking at Bill. Tom nodded thinking you guys were intending Bill to be the target. Lexi jumped onto Bill's back giggling at how he arched his back because she was cold. Mercedez stood with her hands covering her chest locked together beneath her chin. She was shivering. Tom moved over and put his arms around her. Gustav lunged at Bill as Lexi leaned backwards all three disappearing under the water. Mercedez started laughing, Bill should have seen that coming. She felt something tug her leg as she was ripped from Tom's grasp into the water. She looked over at Bill and motioned for him to grab one of Tom's legs, he smiled and swam over to help. They each grabbed a leg and pulled. Tom was soon underwater with them. As Bill and Mercedez stood up laughing. Tom poked his head out of the water and grinned at Bill.
"Hey Bill, we never did that thing you asked me about doing before I left," Mercedez said sincerely. Lexi was looking between them.
"What thing," she asked curiously.
"Oh trust me, you'll love it," Mercedez smiled. Lexi snuggled up to Bill who had decided it was warmer in the water. Mercedez felt something swimming around her legs. She kept trying to see what it was but in the dark it was nearly impossible. Tom circled her a couple of times touching her legs softly. he finally grabbed one of her legs and swam off. Mercedez was yanked under the water and when Tom stopped they were in the middle of the lake. Mercedez sputtered in the water as she came back up she looked around, but didn't see what had dragged her clear to the middle of the lake. She began to swim back when something tugged on her leg pulling her back under the water. Only this time when she came up, Tom was floating there. He smiled at her.
"You know you could've just asked me to come out here with you," Mercedez laughed.
"Where's the fun in that," he asked pulling her closer to him.
"Oh, so I'm just fun to torture, I see," Mercedez frowned.
"No, not at all, well, ok, maybe a little, but the truth is, that's how I show people that I like them, I mess with them," he whispered.
"So, now you like me?"
"I always have, I wouldn't have kissed you otherwise."
"But you let me leave."
"I didn't think you would stay gone, I thought you'd cool down and come back."
"I have cooled down, but I don't know if I can stay here," she whispered. She'd begun to swim back but Tom stopped her.
"Why won't you stay with me, you're always running away from me."
"I'm not running from you."
"Really? Then what do you call it?"
"Protecting myself."
"I know you don't trust anyone, and I want to change that, to show you all of us love you and need you here."
"I trust everyone else. I just don't know if I can trust you."
"I want to prove to you that you can."
"I don't know."
"Tell me if you trust this," he whispered pulling her to him. Bill and the others were watching closely. Bill had always known Tom had feeling for this girl. Tom pressed his lips against hers, feeling her kiss back his tongue traced her bottom lip as she gasped he explored her mouth. Hungrily they kissed each other, Mercedez wrapped her legs around him as they floated in the water. Bill smiled and hugged Lexi closer. When Mercedez pulled away Tom thought she was turning him away. "I guess you don't feel it."
"I trust that, more than you'll ever know, kisses don't lie. But if your going to be mine it has to be sealed in blood." She grinned showing her fangs.
"Only if I get to bite you too." She bit down on his throat as he bit down on hers they pulled away and kissed tongues colliding bonding them for eternity.
The next night Mercedez and Bill went to go find Lexi the perfect ring. When they returned they found Lexi on the front stairs looking sad.
"What happened?"
"Mercedez you should stay out here," Lexi whispered. Bill ran in the house to find it torn to shreds. Tom was going berzerk.
"You, where have you been?"
"I was out shopping for Lexi with Mercedez." Tom was throwing things and Lexi refused to let Mercedez inside.
"She's been sleeping with him, ya know, Ashley told me she'd seen them together the other night. How could she do this to me?" The tears ran down Tom's face. Bill shook his head.
"She's never cheated on you, you know she hasn't even been with anyone since she met you."
"No one, she told me, it's always been you. But you want to believe a conniving little slut like Ashley, because why?"
"She has not always loved me, it's not always been me, geez, Bill, she's using us."
"You think she's using us?"
"What would she gain? She's more powerful than all of us combined, and you think she's using us?"
"She's gained popularity," Tom said sticking his chin out.
"She frightens you," Bill whispered. Tom shook his head, but he knew his brother was right. He'd never felt like this about a girl before, nothing this strong, he never thought he'd find that and now that he had he wanted to run away.
"She does not."
"You think I'm using you," Mercedez said from the doorway. Lexi shrugged at Bill mouthing the words I'm sorry. Bill shrugged. There wasn't anything they could do now she'd heard what he said.
"You are."
"For what?"
"Popularity," Tom said questioningly.
"Bill, can we do what you came here to do, I think I'm going to leave after."
"Yeah, Mercedez, do you have it?"
"Yep, here in my pocket, there you go," she said handing Bill the gift. Bill got down on his knees in front of Lexi.
"Lexi, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I want you to be mine forever," he said opening the box. Mercedez smiled at them as Bill put the ring onto her finger.
"How'd you know?"
"Mercedez and I have spent the last three weeks looking for this ring. She said you'd love it. That's also how I can tell you that she hasn't been out with anyone else, Tom. She's been with me or Gustav or you anytime she's left here." Mercedez smiled at him.
"Thank you Bill, but I don't belong here anymore." George and Liz appeared on the stairs along with Gustav and Kat. They smiled at her and glanced at Tom and his path of destruction. "Take care of my house."
"We will," Liz smiled. "I wish you'd stay."
"Mercedez, I don't want you to go," Lexi whispered. "You have to stay."
"This house no longer needs me, you both have very capable men at your side. I should go."
"Stay until after the wedding," Lexi pleaded. Mercedez nodded and agreed to stay.
The wedding was beautiful, Lexi looked fabulous. Kat and Mercedez were both her maid of honor since she couldn't choose. Mercedez agreed to give Bill and Lexi a few rooms to do something with, they were thrilled there were so many rooms that were left unused that they'd always been worried about asking to change and do something with them. Liz and Kat were sad to see Mercedez packing. Things had not gotten any easier with Tom. He apologized a million times, saying he didn't know what had come over him, other than he didn't think he was good enough for her. Tom stood in her doorway watching her.
"Please stay, for me," he whispered to her.
"Why," she asked turning towards him. A single tear fell down her cheek.
"That isn't an answer Tom, no matter how much I want to hear it from you you'll never say it will you."
"I'm asking you to stay aren't I?"
"Why are you asking me to stay, Tom?"
"Because I want you here, I need you here."
"Even now you can't say it."
"What do you want from me," Tom asked sitting on the end of the bed.
"For you to feel about me, how I feel about you."
"You know I do."
"Then why can't you say it?"
"I don't know."
"I love you and I'm yours to have, but you don't seem to want me, so why should I stay?"
"Because I love you, and I want, no, I need you." He grabbed her hand. He got down on one knee on the floor.
"Tom what are you-"
"Marry me."
"Are you serious?"
"I'm on one knee, am I doing it wrong?"
"No, I just, uhm, I don't know what to say."
"I told Bill I'd only make a fool of myself doing this."
"Bill knew?"
"Of course, he's my brother I tell him everything."
"So, then you aren't lying to me?"
"No, be my wife?"
"See I knew you'd-wait did you say yes?"
"Yes." She grabbed him and kissed him. Bill and Lexi were standing in the doorway.
"It's about time," Lexi laughed.
"You told her," Tom asked.
"She's the love of my life, I tell her everything." Mercedez laughed.
"Besides we've been standing here for about five minutes now," Lexi laughed. Tom slid the ring onto Mercedez hand. They walked downstairs hand in hand. Gustav and Kat were cuddled together in a chair, while George and Liz were in the other cuddling. Lexi and Bill stood next to Tom and Mercedez. Mercedez laughed. They all looked at her oddly. And all she could do was motion to everyone and say, "Our coven."

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